Equipped & Capable

  • 300 tonne slipway serving separate 44-metre shed
  • Two purpose-built slipway trolleys: ability to haul two vessels or couple together for larger hauls

65 tonne travel lift 

  • 65 tonne maximum lift capacity
  • 6.8-metre maximum beam

Deep water access 


Deep water work berths 

  • McMullen & Wing's work berths can accommodate vessels up to 50-metres in length and with over four metres draft, at all times. 

Extensive facilities 


Extensive construction & refit facilities 

  • Four separate build halls
  • Shed 1 is over 57-metres long and 13-metres high with two, three tonne gantries 
  • Shed 2 is over 45-metres long, 13-metres wide and 10-metres high and directly served by our slipway
  • The build bay in Shed 3 is over 30-metres long, 10-metres wide and 9-metres high with 5-tonne gantry. 
  • Shed 3 also houses our CNC Plasma Cutter and 120-tonne hydraulic press brake
  • Shed 4 is generally used for storage and smaller vessels but can accommodate vessels up to 30-metres long, 11-metres wide and 10-metres high when the need arises. 

Specialist facilities 

B5c still spray booth _G1C6120.JPG

Specialist facilities 

  • CNC plasma for efficient precision sheet metal cutting
  • CNC router
  • Positive pressure, temperature-controlled, filtered spray booth
  • 120T, 4.8-metre press brake
  • CAD engineering