PIECE OF HISTORY – Deodar II – 14.5-metre police launch

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The history of the Deodar II project stems from the sinking of the previous Deodar, leading to an urgent need for a new vessel at a time when funds were scarce. The Police had a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve in a new boat, but didn’t have nearly the budget to achieve it in a conventional way.

After considerable background work, a competitive tendering process was entered into. Success required innovative thinking to achieve the numerous features that would enable the vessel to meet the operational criteria requested, within tight financial constraints. McMullen & Wing won the tender and went on to work closely with Police maritime staff to develop, design, build and deliver a vessel which was very successful in all respects. Deodar II was launched in 1992.

Deodar II was replaced in 2007 with a larger vessel and Deodar II entered a second phase of life as a pleasure launch. She remains a vessel respected for quality workmanship and excellent longevity.

Isla McKechnie