Five tips for a South Pacific refit


Reputation – Your choice of superyacht refit provider has a direct effect on the pedigree of your yacht. Choosing a yard with a worldwide reputation for lasting quality is seen as a tangible demonstration that you care about the standard to which your yacht is maintained. McMullen & Wing is respected amongst the highest echelons of world yacht building as not only a new-build yard, but also an international award winning refit and maintenance provider. Yachts refitted by McMullen & Wing carry their refit as a badge of honour for decades into the future, adding to their prestige and resale value.

Location – Choose a location that is convenient for the yacht and crew, but which gives plenty of space to run an efficient refit. Consider whether to locate the yacht at the shipyard, or to have the shipyard come to the yacht. As well as offering a dedicated waterfront refit facility with workshops for all departments, McMullen & Wing can also bring a floating workshop to the yacht, providing a generous, protected workspace to ensure superyacht quality work can be performed alongside.

Full service – the highest quality, best managed and most cost effective result will always be achieved by centralising the scope to one multi-discplinary team. Choose a provider who can offer the breadth of in-house expertise to cover your full worklist. McMullen & Wing provides full boat building services in metal, timber and advanced composites, as well as award-winning joinery, engineering and electrical engineering expertise backed up with powerful project management, design and procurement teams. Whether you work with us directly or through your agent or yacht manager you will be assured of a high level of service and efficiency in every aspect of your project.

True cost – The cost of your yard period will invariably be made up of numerous expenditures, each of which can seem small in itself but which, when combined, can really start to add up. You would be well advised to check the cost of incidentals like storage, power, water or waste as well as the headline figures, or choose a yard with an “all inclusive” pricing structure. McMullen & Wing provides a full service covered haul-out facility with complete transparency and minimal additional costs, saving you money and avoiding nasty surprises by giving you an honest appraisal of the total cost at the start, and maintaining complete transparency throughout the process.

Margins – Most yachts will have the resources and expertise to source specific goods and manage some subcontractors themselves and they will naturally look at this as a way to reduce the cost of their yard time. Many yards try to charge a margin on self-managed work, but you do have a choice. Choose a yard that doesn’t clip the ticket on things they’re not involved in: McMullen & Wing will welcome your refit and will only charge you for the work that we’re undertake or manage ourselves. You are welcome to bring in your own subcontractors to work for you directly.


Isla McKechnie