Ermis2 - new build


This 37 metre vacuum-infused epoxy/carbon fibre high speed luxury motoryacht has ocean crossing range, and reaches a top speed of 58 knots. She has been awarded a winner at the International Superyacht Society Awards 2008, Showboats International
Awards 2008 and World Yachts Trophy 2008.

“Launched in 2007, Ermis2 remains to this day one of the fastest and most technically advanced motor yachts ever built: extremely fast, extremely light, extremely strong, and testament to the skills and commitment of an outstanding team.  McMullen & Wing deserve the many international accolades they have won for their execution of this project. They are a team of skill and integrity capable of turning their considerable experience to any project with confidence and innovation.”
Ioannis Alafouzos, owner, Ermis2
Isla McKechnie