This is our story

The waters around New Zealand, our people, and our sense of place inform the vessels we build and the way they move on the ocean. We understand the sea-kindliness and performance vessels require because we're ocean people ourselves; and from our island nation we build yachts and commercial vessels capable of exceptional feats. 



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Our people make us

Many of the McMullen & Wing team members have been with us for twenty years or more. Some of them started as apprentices and are now leading their own juniors; passing on their wisdom and our ethos of constant innovation. Click through to meet some of the team, or contact us here

Our pedigree

In 1969, on the banks of Auckland's Tamaki river, a boat yard started to take shape. As the first boats which bore the hallmarks of McMullen & Wing's signature quality and innovation began to emerge, Chris McMullen and Eric Wing were setting the standards and enthusiasm that remain today.

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